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  • #162 Can She Have A Thriving Business Without The Burnout?

#162 Can She Have A Thriving Business Without The Burnout?


This caller worked with young adults who’ve left foster care and her joy is helping them to become more empowered and confident. Although she loved her job she suffered burnout, so she gave it up. She now feels ready to have clients again but without the burnout this time.

This is a great call that explains why we create burnout and what we need to do to focus our energy in the right way so that we get what we want much easier.

This call is for you, if you’re working too hard and the path you’re walking on feels so exhausting that you’re ready to give it all up.

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller experienced severe burnout and stopped working because of it
  • She wants to get back to work but wants to know how she can work more joyfully and also get paid well for it
  • She works with young adults who’ve recently left foster care and she wants to help them become more confident and empowered
  • What is her end goal for helping out these young people?
  • How much help can she really give them?
  • Is it our responsibility to fix the world, and can we even do so?
  • What makes us more powerful, our focus or the action we take?
  • Can you get what you want if you’re feeling bad about getting it?
  • What does “being content” really mean?
  • How do we line up with what we want?
  • What resistance does she feel when she thinks of having a thriving business?
  • How can we make sure we only work with the people we want to?
  • Why does hearing “our truth” feel uncomfortable sometimes?
  • How can she set boundaries with people?
  • How do we know when we’re on the right path?