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#163 She Hates How Her Body Looks


This caller is dissatisfied with her height.  She’s used LOA to increase it to over an inch (as an adult) but it’s no longer working for her.  No matter how much she meditates now she isn’t getting any taller.

Although this call is about body image, it really goes much deeper than that. It explores why we use past experiences that feel bad to us and then blame how we look (for this caller, her height) on why this experience happened.

Listen in as we uncover her limiting beliefs about how she looks and how changing her perspective will make her realize she’s perfect just the way she is.

This call is for if you’re unhappy with how you look and you think changing it will suddenly make you a happier person. 

Topics covered on this call

  • Using LOA this caller grew more than an inch in height at the age of 28
  • She stopped meditating for a while and now can’t get it to work again
  • What are the common misconceptions around meditating?
  • How did she manage to do something that most people would define as impossible?
  • Can we manifest what we want from a place of dissatisfaction?
  • Why is she so dissatisfied with her height?
  • What does inspiration feel like?
  • What do taller people have that she doesn’t because she’s shorter than them?
  • Uncovering a memory connected to her unhappiness about her height
  • How do our physical experiences mirror back our vibration to us?
  • Does our body image really make us vulnerable?
  • Why don’t our manifestations always look the way we thought they would?
  • How can we feel better in the clothes we wear?
  • What can we do to feel better about how we look?
  • What does being impatient really mean?
  • Why does clarity always find us at the perfect time?