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  • #164 What Causes Her Passive Aggressive Behavior?

#164 What Causes Her Passive Aggressive Behavior?


This caller has recognized that she’s a total perfectionist, and when others make a mistake, boy, does she let them know about it!  She’s working on changing her energy but instead of feeling the compassion and tolerance she wanted to, she’s worried about becoming a doormat and has now turned into a passive aggressive person.

This call is overflowing with energy. I go on a big rant about how you can create the reality you want without the bratty behavior and without being aggressive towards others.  We explore how we can get what we want in a fun and easy way – No drama required!!

If you want to learn how to be compassionate, stop being a perfectionist and get the reality you want, this call is for you.

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller has zero tolerance for anyone making mistakes
  • Since working on changing this, she’s now become passive aggressive with people, which confuses her
  • What causes us to be passive aggressive with others?
  • Why does she not trust that she can get what she wants?
  • What is the universe mirroring back to her?
  • Why did she manifest an unfavorable outcome to a project she was involved in?
  • What causes perfectionism?
  • Is doing something just for money ever a good idea?
  • Why does she use being a perfectionist as her defense mechanism?
  • How can her clients help her be who she really is and have a business that’s fun?
  • Is your job or business the only way for the universe to bring you money?
  • Why should she focus on the WHAT and not the HOW?
  • What is causing her to feel resentment when her effects are not appreciated by others?
  • Why do we feel selfish when we do things for ourselves?
  • How can we focus in a way that feels good so we’re not passive aggressive towards others?
  • How do we line up our energy to get the reality we want?