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  • #165 How to Make More Friends When You Don’t Feel Good Enough

#165 How to Make More Friends When You Don’t Feel Good Enough


This caller is ashamed to say she doesn’t have friends she can socialize with on a regular basis.  She’s scared to open up with people and be who she really is because she thinks the real her is not good enough for them.

What limiting beliefs does she have that makes her feel ashamed and not good enough? How can she make the friends she wants to and begin to value herself more when she’s around them?

This call is for anyone who wants to make more friends and for those of you who feel second best in a friendship.

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller is single and feels isolated with no regular friends to socialize with
  • She only sees the friends she does have once or twice a year
  • Is it true that she’s as isolated as she thinks she is?
  • Is doing any activity just to meet people a good idea?
  • Why does she feel ashamed that she has so few friends?
  • How does she value herself in a friendship?
  • Why should you set boundaries with your friends?
  • How will the universe show us that we’re not setting boundaries?
  • What resistance comes up when she focuses on getting more friends?
  • Why does she feel shame when she shows people who she really is?
  • Why do some people react so badly when we shine our happy bright light on them?
  • How can she focus her energy to line up with the friends she wants?
  • How can she have more of an equal relationship with her friends?
  • Where does the feeling of neediness come from?
  • How can she hold her energy and get the life she wants?