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  • #166 She Feels Guilty Because She Dumped Her Boyfriend

#166 She Feels Guilty Because She Dumped Her Boyfriend


This caller not only left her boyfriend, she also left her job and the town she lived in. Now she doesn’t know if she’s done the right thing.  She’s questioning whether or not she left too soon and she wonders if she could have made it all work if she’d stayed. The only problem was – she just wasn’t happy!

She feels so guilty about leaving her boyfriend because he’s one of the good guys and she doesn’t feel she had any real valid reason to do so except for the fact that she didn’t feel she belonged there.

When we know it’s the right thing to do, why do we feel guilty about moving on?  Can breaking up with someone, or leaving a job (or whatever) be the right thing for all parties?

This call is for you if you want to move on from something but feel guilty doing it or you’ve already left and the guilt is eating away at you.

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller recently left her boyfriend of 10 years, her job and the town she lived in, and moved back to her parents
  • She’s starting to question whether or not she’s made the right decision by leaving everything behind
  • Should she stay in a relationship or a job that wasn’t working for her?
  • Why does she feel so crushed when she meets up with her ex?
  • What are the bare minimum qualities that we should expect in a relationship?
  • Why are we willing to settle for mediocre when it comes to relationships?
  • Was she wrong to break up with him?
  • Why does she feel so guilty about leaving him?
  • Why do we put other people’s happiness before our own?
  • Is she responsible for how her ex is feeling?
  • How valid and valuable was the relationship and the break up for both of them?
  • How can she align herself with the relationship she wants?
  • Are we ever really capable of ruining someone else’s life?
  • Are we a bad person if we want to move on?
  • Should we strive for a less painful experience or a maximum pleasure experience?

Additional Resources Mentioned on the Call: