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  • #168 Making Peace With God/Finding the Courage to Perform on Stage

#168 Making Peace With God/Finding the Courage to Perform on Stage


This call is a monster call.  We started off talking about the caller’s upbringing in a strict Catholic household and how she’s now learning that God (I used the word God as it resonated with this caller) is about love and not about judgment.  We looked at God through the perspective of love and not fear. 

We then delved into her limiting beliefs about being a performer and why she thinks she’s not good enough to get up on stage and sing, although she has an amazing voice.

Her childhood beliefs about God and her fear that she’s not good enough – are they connected?  This call is for you if you want to find out more!

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller grew up in a strict Catholic home but through her own research she’s now finding a way to see that God is not the judgmental God she thought he/she was
  • Why do we have a belief that God is both psychopathic and loving at the same time?
  • How can she step into the life she was born to live?
  • What exactly is God?
  • Can a belief in God make us happier?
  • Why are people starting to fight against the belief that we’re powerless?
  • Where does our true value come from?
  • She’s a singer/songwriter but she struggles to believe in herself
  • How can she learn to enjoy writing and singing more?
  • What do limiting beliefs do to us when we’re trying to align with what we want?
  • Why does she believe she’s not good enough to be who she wants to be?
  • What’s the difference between arrogance and truly believing in yourself?
  • Why did she attract the wrong people when she was working towards a career in the music business?
  • Does she have the right personality to be a performer?
  • What limiting beliefs does she have about performing in front of an audience?
  • Can any one person stop us from realizing our dreams?
  • Should she get herself out there even if it scares her to do so?