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  • #169 Her Relationship Ended And Now She Feels Rejected

#169 Her Relationship Ended And Now She Feels Rejected


This caller’s relationship ended recently and she’s still missing him.  When they broke up, she felt she’d been rejected and that she wasn’t good enough for him.

The caller was surprised to learn that the rejection she felt stemmed from a long-buried childhood belief, which we were able to dig up and release.

What beliefs cause us to feel rejected and not good enough when a relationship ends?  Have we really been rejected when a relationship finishes or are we evolving with a new and better perspective?

This call is for you if you’re holding onto a romantic relationship that’s ended, and you’re feeling bad about yourself and your own worth.

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller fell head over heels for a guy, but they broke up; She still feels sad and misses him.
  • She’s worried that these negative thoughts will ruin her spiritual journey.
  • What are our negative emotions showing us?
  • What does she miss about him?
  • Why does she believe that the relationship didn’t “work out” for her because they broke up?
  • Are relationships only valid if they last forever?
  • Where did the feeling of being rejected come from originally?
  • Why was she afraid to leave a past boyfriend who was abusive to her?
  • How can the perspective we had as children still affect us today?
  • How can she heal the feeling of jealousy she felt when her sibling was born?
  • How can we teach children to express their emotions in a healthy way?
  • How do the mechanics of LOA work?
  • How our emotions cause physical pain and issues with our bodies.