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  • #170 How Can She Stop Her Panic Attacks And Release Her Self Worth Issues?

#170 How Can She Stop Her Panic Attacks And Release Her Self Worth Issues?


This caller started visualizing in order to get her dream job but instead of the perfect job manifesting, her feelings of not being good enough resurfaced.  All visualizing did was give her panic attacks and perpetuate the negative feelings she has about her own self worth and her abandonment issues. Visualizing is supposed to help you get what you want, right? So where did it go wrong for this caller?

Listen in as I explain why these fears hit her full on once she started visualizing, and listen to the technique I use that allows her to release her limiting beliefs and replace them with more powerful ones that will show her just how worthy and powerful she really is.

This call is for you if you suffer with panic attacks and have issues around self worth.

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller has been visualizing to manifest a new job, but her visualizations only bring up her fears of not being good enough
  • She’s started to have panic attacks and gets scared thinking she’s going to be abandoned by the people she loves
  • She’s also scared to get back into visualizing because she believes the universe slapped her in the face when she started doing this
  • Was the universe really slapping her or was something else happening?
  • What happens to us when we have a panic attack?
  • How can we manage a panic attack effectively?
  • What started this caller’s fear of being abandoned and creating her panic attacks?
  • What technique can she learn to release her beliefs around abandonment and stop her panic?
  • How can she learn to stand up for herself without the physical confrontation?
  • Should we engage with or run away from our feelings of sadness or fear?
  • How can she release her thoughts of worthlessness?
  • What can she do to stop herself from feeling so scared?
  • Are we living in a time of awakening?
  • What can we do to feel better if we’re being triggered?
  • Is it spiritual to kick some ass?