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  • #175 How Can She Overcome Her Resistance And Have The Career She Wants?

#175 How Can She Overcome Her Resistance And Have The Career She Wants?


This caller always wanted to be an actor but growing up where she did, she was influenced by the limiting beliefs of other people.  She’s dabbled in acting over the years but nowhere near as much as she’d like to, and now she has issues with childcare, so if any acting jobs were to come her way, she’d have to refuse them.  Maybe she’s not meant to be an actor after all!

This caller’s desire is so deeply buried that it took nearly half of the call to get her to raise her vibration about the thing she wants most – to be an actor.  But when we got there…..we got there!

This call is for you if your biggest desire seems really far away and you’ve given up believing that what you want will come into your reality.

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller feels that she’s stuck, although she’s good at lots of things, she doesn’t feel she’s accomplishing much
  • She struggles to get childcare, which hinders what work she can accept
  • Why is the universe giving her these struggles with childcare?
  • Why is she scared to follow her dream of being an actor?
  • What happens to us when we suppress our desires?
  • Does our past have any power over us?
  • Who do we help when we diminish ourselves?
  • What do we need to do before we can work on our resistance?
  • What are the better questions to ask yourself when resistance comes up?
  • Why should we give ourselves permission to daydream?
  • How can she lead by example and show her kids that fears can be overcome?
  • How can she start to believe that she is already the person she wants to be?