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  • #177 She Wants To Know How To Honor Her Needs And The Needs Of Her Autistic Son

#177 She Wants To Know How To Honor Her Needs And The Needs Of Her Autistic Son


This caller wants to know how she can honor her own needs, while also providing for the needs of her Autistic son.  They’ve just had a traumatic year together and now it’s time to move on, but he’s fighting her every step of the way. Plus, she doesn’t really know what her true calling is.

What is her son trying to show her when he’s fighting her?  How will she know she’s made the right decisions for both of them, and how will the universe support her when she’s walking on her true path?

This call is for you if you feel stuck where you are, but you don’t know which path to take because of overwhelming responsibilities.

Topics covered on this call

  • Her son is Autistic and she feels stuck where she is because she’s conscious of his need for things not to change
  • Last year she lost her job because her son required her to be at home with him more
  • Could losing her a job be a good thing for her?
  • How is her son being a powerful teacher for her?
  • Why does she feel joy when she serves others?
  • How does serving others benefit us?
  • Why does she think she’s messed up her life?
  • Why do healers have the darkest histories?
  • How does the universe support us on our path?
  • How does clarity find us?
  • Why you should always ask yourself “What do I want?”
  • How can she honor her son more?
  • How can she learn to have more fun?
  • When will she know that she’s in alignment with what she wants?