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  • #178 Releasing Anger Constructively & Attracting The Right Customers To Your Products

#178 Releasing Anger Constructively & Attracting The Right Customers To Your Products


This caller got fired unexpectedly because of someone else’s dishonesty. She also divorced her husband when she learned that he had been dishonest in their marriage. He even shared private pictures of her, with other men over the internet.  Instead of getting angry, she internalized it and blamed herself for what happened.

Why does she blame herself instead of getting angry? What benefits will come from having a constructive anger release?

She also has her own top end bakery business, but she feels bad about what she charges when other people comment on her prices.  How can she attract customers who will appreciate her products, and does her lack of confidence have any connection with how she blames herself for other people’s actions?

This call is for you if you have suppressed negative emotions or if you have a business and you would like to know how to attract the customers you really want.

Topics covered on this call

  • This client had a very successful career but got fired unexpectedly
  • She divorced her husband after she learned of his dishonesty during the marriage, including sharing private pictures of her over the internet
  • Why isn’t she angry with what happened in the last four years?
  • Why does she blame herself for other people’s actions?
  • Is she responsible for other people’s reality?
  • Why was her career so successful when she believed other people’s needs were more of a priority than her own?
  • What is real praise?
  • What is the manifestation of being fired showing her?
  • Can a negative manifestation actually be a good thing?
  • Why won’t she get angry with her husband about what he did to her?
  • What is a constructive anger release?
  • Are health issues connected to not releasing negative emotion?
  • How can she learn to honor other people?
  • She has her own bakery business, but she only has one major account, and she would like for her business to expand.
  • How can she attract the kind of people that would love to buy her products, at the prices she’s charging?
  • What’s the difference between arrogance and confidence?
  • What creates an energy blockage?
  • How can she start to value both herself and her products?