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  • #179 How Can She Learn To Deal With The Anger Emotion?

#179 How Can She Learn To Deal With The Anger Emotion?


This caller has a lot of anger around her.  Both she and her husband get very angry towards one another, to the point that she’s thinking of leaving him because he makes her feel uncomfortable and afraid.  Her anger didn’t start with her husband; she’s angry with her mom because of what happened in her childhood, but she hasn’t found a way to release it in a way that feels good to her.

Is being angry ever healthy?  Should we suppress our anger (like we’ve always been told to do), or can we find a way to release it in a way that’s beneficial to us?

This call is for you if you get angry but you never get any relief from it, or you’re surrounded by angry people who make you feel uncomfortable and afraid.

Topics covered on this call

  • This client had thoughts about getting a divorce but both she and her husband had dreams that told her to stay
  • They still have issues which makes her very angry towards him
  • She believes her health issues are connected to how angry she feels
  • Why does she get angry and what does she do when she’s having this emotion?
  • Do suppressed negative emotions affect our health?
  • What is self directed anger?
  • Why does she have suppressed anger towards her mom?
  • How can she learn to release her feelings of unworthiness?
  • Why do we feel impatient when we’re waiting for something to happen?
  • What emotional response does she have to her husband’s anger?
  • Why does she see anger as a threat to her?
  • Can an anger release be a powerful thing?
  • Why trying to release anger using an intellectual process does not work
  • How do we know when we’ve had a full on anger release?
  • How can she and her husband learn to deal with each other’s anger?