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  • #181 She’s An Actress Who Dreams Of Becoming a Superstar

#181 She’s An Actress Who Dreams Of Becoming a Superstar


This caller is an actress who wants to take her career to the next level.  She would like to land the lead in a big budget production and desires the financial success that comes with it. She wants to be the one who gets to shine. She wants it all – so why hasn’t it happened yet for her?

Listen in as we discover what’s stopping her biggest dream from showing up in her reality, and listen to how we work through her misguided insistence that she should keep herself small and humble.

This call is for you if you’re just too afraid to dream big but your desire to move your life up to the next level is itching away at you.

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller is looking to better herself, especially in her career.
  • She’s an actress who wants to have more speaking roles in big budget films and television.
  • Is she really lining up her energy fully to allow herself to be who she wants to be?
  • Can our egos help us get what we want?
  • Why does she want principle roles in her career instead of supporting roles?
  • Is it ok to want what we want?
  • Why do people diminish their dreams and then give up on them?
  • So, how do we line up our energy with our dreams and bring them into our reality?
  • What are her manifestations showing her?
  • What is she doing that’s stopping the roles she wants from coming into her reality?
  • Does she really have to settle for what she’s attracted so far?
  • Why do some people come across as arrogant?
  • Why we should never diminish our own or other people’s dreams.