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  • #182 How Can She Line Up Her Energy And Manifest The Reality She Really Wants?

#182 How Can She Line Up Her Energy And Manifest The Reality She Really Wants?


This caller is stuck in a reality she doesn’t want but she has no idea how she can change it.  She hasn’t worked for a year and she’s getting signs suggesting she should go back into Real Estate but her heart just isn’t jumping for joy when she thinks about it.  What does excite her is singing, but being on center stage feels way too scary to her, for her to really go for it.

Why does she have this resistance and how can she find a way to line up her energy and receive the reality she wants?  Should she go back into an industry that doesn’t make her jump for joy or should she go after what she really wants instead?

This call is for you if you want to learn how to work through your resistance and manifest the reality you really want.

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller has had lots of different jobs throughout her working life.
  • Now she’s stuck and doesn’t know which way to turn after not working for a year.
  • How did all these different jobs benefit her?
  • Why is she getting signs to go back into Real Estate when her heart is not in it?
  • What does her ideal life look like?
  • What’s the difference between lining up your energy to change your reality and fantasizing about changing your reality?
  • How do we know when we’re NOT lining up our energy?
  • What’s the best way to bring yourself into alignment with what you want?
  • Why is she afraid to go back into singing when she loves it so much?
  • Is she being who she really is when she keeps herself small?
  • What resistance does she have that’s stopping her from going after the reality she wants?
  • When did this resistance start and how can she work through it?
  • Why is she so uncomfortable when somebody tells her that they are proud of her?
  • Should you do something just because you’re good at it?
  • How can she believe in herself so that she shines on stage as a singer?
  • Do we have to tell the Universe what we want before we can receive it?
  • Is there a connection between our energy flow and our physical reality?