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  • #184 She Wants To Know How To Develop Her Skills As A Life Coach

#184 She Wants To Know How To Develop Her Skills As A Life Coach


This client is a life coach but she’s not sure if she should give it up and get a regular job.  The Universe is giving her signs to do something, but she feels she’s getting mixed messages.  Which way should she turn?

She wants nothing more than to be a life coach but nobody is booking with her even though her prices are super low, which she’s kept low because she is just starting out and is not sure if she has enough skills to charge more, yet.

What is the Universe exactly showing her and what’s blocking the clients she wants from coming to her?  Is there any connection between her lack of confidence as a life coach and the lack of clients flocking to her?

This call is for you if you’re just starting out in a business but your confidence and client list is on the opposite side of a lot!

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller is having a hard time knowing if she should get a job or follow her dream of being a life coach.
  • She is getting signs from the Universe but she feels she’s getting mixed messages.
  • What is the Universe exactly showing her?
  • What can happen when we follow a sign while our energy is unsteady?
  • Why does she want to be a life coach?
  • Why does she think she’s not a good life coach, yet?
  • Who is responsible for our grow?
  • How can she attract the type of client she really wants?
  • How can we stop comparing ourselves to other coaches?
  • Why does she find it easier to coach her friend than a client?
  • How can she make a coaching session fun for her and beneficial to her client?
  • Why does she have resistance about what she charges for her services?
  • Why does she feel so bad when she asks for feedback on her coaching skills?
  • Is there a difference between coaching and therapy?
  • How can she get into a better feeling place about her skills and how much she charges?
  • When we have a dream, whose advice should we listen to?
  • How does a life coach obtain their skills?
  • How can we make our reality more fun?