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  • #185 Mom of an Autistic Son Wants to Create the Life She Really Wants

#185 Mom of an Autistic Son Wants to Create the Life She Really Wants


She has an Autistic son who she loves dearly but after 30 years she’s drained from caring for him and she wants her time with him to be easier and more fun.

How can she line up her energy and create her ideal reality in every area of her life?  Can she finally work through her resistance and get what she wants?

This call is for you if you’ve been trying for a while to create the reality you want, but you’re still stuck in a life that is less than awesome.

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller has accomplished many things but now she’s at a crossroads.
  • She has new challenges but she’s stuck even though she understands how our feelings create our reality.
  • What is the spectrum of our feelings?
  • Why the word “Grateful” can be disempowering at times
  • Is it ok to acknowledge that you are dissatisfied with something?
  • What does she want to create in her reality?
  • What’s the difference between an awesome vision and a really awesome vision?
  • She wants to help others but how can she level up with her vision to do that?
  • How can she make looking after her Autistic son more fun for both of them?
  • What emotion is she feeling when she’s with her son and they are in a disagreement?
  • What is her son doing that’s exactly aiding her to address her own challenges?
  • How can she line up with the energy of her ideal reality?
  • What is being humble really all about?
  • What happens when we move our energy towards what we want?
  • Should we just be grateful for what we have already, without wanting more?
  • How can she attract more fun in her reality?