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  • #186 How Can She Release Her Resistance And Learn To Connect With Herself?

#186 How Can She Release Her Resistance And Learn To Connect With Herself?


This caller’s relationship ended recently and although it was an unhealthy one; she can’t let go of him.  She’s feeling all kinds of emotions – anger, impatience, anxiety, naming just a few, and she desperately wants to release them, but how does she go about doing that?

What messages do these emotions have for her?  When did she first feel this way, and what can she do to release the emotions that are no longer serving her?

This caller has a lot of resistance and her mind keeps wanting to argue with her, but her stubbornness to feel better is so much stronger. This call has a great technique to get you started on releasing your negative beliefsyou’re welcome!

This call is for you if you have a lot of resistance and you’d like to know what you can do to release it and get to a better feeling place.

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller wants to release her negative thoughts and get into a higher vibration.
  • Her relationship broke up recently and although it was a very unhealthy relationship she can’t let go of him.
  • She feels angry, impatient, judgmental, anxious, and since her boyfriend left her, insignificant.
  • What causes her to have these emotions?
  • What emotion does she feel when she thinks people are deceiving her?
  • When has she felt this powerless before?
  • How can she release the feeling of powerlessness she has from her childhood?
  • How and why does our mind play tricks on us?
  • What conversations can she have that will help her to release her beliefs?
  • How can she learn to connect with herself?
  • How can we get what we want if we don’t know what that is?
  • Why does our mind go into panic when it thinks it has to figure something out?
  • How is her resistance showing itself?
  • What is it she actually wants?
  • How can she feel the way she wants to, without her reality changing in that exact moment?
  • Why doesn’t she feel a big shift in her energy straight away?
  • How can she honor the choices that she makes?