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  • #187 She Wants A Baby, So Why Isn’t She Pregnant Yet?

#187 She Wants A Baby, So Why Isn’t She Pregnant Yet?


This caller has been trying for over a year to get pregnant, and although she knows what LOA and manifesting what you want is all about, she’s still not pregnant. When she visualizes being pregnant she feels great but when she visualizes her baby actually being here, her visualizations start to feel scary and out of control.

If being a mom is her greatest desire, why isn’t she pregnant yet? What are her visualizations showing her, and how can she release the beliefs she has and be the parent she wants to be when her baby arrives?

This call is for you if you’ve been trying to conceive and you want to understand from a LOA perspective why it hasn’t happened yet.

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller has been trying to get pregnant for over a year but it’s just not happening for her.
  • She knows how manifesting works, but she can’t make what she wants come into her reality.
  • Is getting pregnant just about her and her understanding of LOA?
  • How does she become a match to her baby being born?
  • Do your children choose you from the non-physical as their parent?
  • What is a “Soul-Contract” and does it really exist?
  • What does it mean to her to be a mom?
  • Why is she struggling to see herself and her baby happy together?
  • When has she felt this way before?
  • What can she do to release her angry and unhappy feelings?
  • Can releasing beliefs help us to visualize what we really want?
  • Do our visualizations give us vital information?
  • Why are her visualizations making her feel she’s not in control?
  • How can we learn to embrace our child’s inner beings?
  • Why comparing our reality with another person’s reality never gives us the answers we’re looking for.