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  • #188 How Can She Improve Her Finances And Get The Dream Career She Wants?

#188 How Can She Improve Her Finances And Get The Dream Career She Wants?


This caller wants to be a singer but is too scared to go for her dream because of the financial obligations she currently has.  She wants this career more than anything, but when she thinks about it, it just seems so far out of her reach and nothing more than a pipedream.  If she had all the money she needs right now, then she could safely go after her dreams. 

What limiting beliefs does she have that are holding her back?  Does she really need money before she can line up her energy with the reality she wants, and how will the Universe support her on her chosen path?

This call is for you if you have a strong desire for something, and you won’t go after your dream because you believe your current reality is holding you back.

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller was recently fired from a job that she didn’t really care too much about.
  • Now she wants to manifest the job that makes her heart sing and also earn the money she needs, to live the life she wants.
  • Is having a job the only way to have money?
  • What does she want to manifest into her life?
  • What does being paid money for singing represent to her?
  • Why does her dream of being a singer seem more like a pipedream instead of something she can and will manifest?
  • Why does what she wants feel more like a pipedream, instead of something she can actually have?
  • Is there a difference between visualizing the “What” and the “How” to change your reality?
  • How does the Universe support us so that we can receive the reality we want?
  • What happens to us when we force ourselves on a path we don’t want to go on?
  • Listen in as I give the client the low-down on how I know what I know about LOA.
  • Does the Universe need us to take action before we can change our reality?
  • How do manifestations actually become physical?
  • Why does our mind fight us when we are trying to change a belief?
  • How can she overcome the obstacles standing in her way?