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  • #189 How Can He Feel Worthy When He Sees Himself As Overweight?

#189 How Can He Feel Worthy When He Sees Himself As Overweight?


This caller has a negative belief that he is unworthy and this unworthiness is reflected by the fact that he sees himself as overweight. When he takes his clothes off in front of a lover, he thinks he has deceived them because he believes he hides his size very well in the way he dresses.

Listen in as I take this caller back to the point when he was first told he was overweight, and listen to the technique I use that helps him to release his feelings of unworthiness.  We learn what it is he’s holding onto from his childhood that stops him from loving himself, just the way he is.

N.B. The caller briefly mentions his childhood sexual abuse experience.

This call is for you, if you have what you believe to be a weight issue, and it stops you from loving yourself, just the way you are.

Topics covered on this call

  • He has feelings of unworthiness and he struggles with setting boundaries.
  • He believes the Universe is reflecting this back to him by him being overweight and feeling inadequate.
  • When has he felt like this before?
  • What can he do to release his limiting beliefs that he created in his childhood?
  • How can he let go of the resentment he feels towards one of his father figures?
  • How can he start living his life for himself rather than for someone else?
  • What feelings does he now get when he thinks of taking his clothes off in front of a lover?
  • Why is visualizing a good tool to help us to get the reality we want?
  • Should we use pre-requisites in our visualizations?
  • How can he connect with the thin body and the relationship he wants?
  • Can we be attracted to someone who doesn’t meet our “Superficial” requirements?
  • Should we stop striving to improve ourselves if it’s only superficial anyway?
  • Does the Universe already know what we want?