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  • #190 She Doesn’t Stand Up For Herself – Is This Connected To Her Excess Weight?

#190 She Doesn’t Stand Up For Herself – Is This Connected To Her Excess Weight?


This caller contacted me because she wants to release her excess weight.  A physical symptom, like excess weight (for this caller), can mean there’s an imbalance with our energy, and it was clear early on in the call that she doesn’t stand up for herself, especially with her current boyfriend, who is verbally abusive towards her.  She feels powerless to set boundaries with him (and in previous relationships), and so the cycle continues.  Why does she allow herself to be treated this way, and how can she regain her power and see her own self worth in all its shining glory?

Listen in as we discuss how excess weight is connected to feelings of unworthiness and what she can do to regain her power, learn to stand up for herself and be the strong, powerful woman she really is.

This call is for you if you’re feeling powerless and unworthy but you’re ready to learn how to regain your power and be who you really are.

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller has been trying to release weight from her body for about 12 years.
  • She believes that her weight and how unworthy she feels are connected.
  • What physical symptoms are there when we have an imbalance in our energy?
  • Is her relationship with her boyfriend connected to how she feels about herself?
  • What is a healthy argument versus an unhealthy argument?
  • What’s the difference between controlling someone and setting a boundary with them?
  • What is a boundary and when is the best time to set one?
  • How do we know if a relationship is worth saving?
  • How can she start to set boundaries and empower herself?
  • What are the rules around a constructive anger release?
  • How are the physical body and suppressed anger connected?
  • What survival mechanism do we use in times of stress?
  • What benefits are there to a constructive anger release and should we force ourselves to be angry?
  • How is the Universe supporting us to be who we really are?
  • When is the best time to stand up to a bully?
  • How does our reality change when we learn to set boundaries?