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  • #191 Can She Stop Other People Judging Her Because Of How She Looks?

#191 Can She Stop Other People Judging Her Because Of How She Looks?


25 years ago, this caller had an accident where she lost 2 fingers.  She feels embarrassed and ashamed about it because she believes the way it happened was so stupid.  She’s still getting manifestations where other people judge her because of how her hand looks, for example, passing her over for job opportunities because they think she’s a “special needs” person.

Does she really have anything to be embarrassed or ashamed of?  What are her current manifestations showing her, and how can she make peace with how she looks and accept herself just the way she is?

This call is for you, if you believe you are being judged for how you look (or where you live, your lack of finances, or whatever), and you want to be accepted for who you really are.

Topics covered on this call

  • 25 years ago this caller had an accident with her hand where she lost 2 fingers.
  • She is manifesting situations where people are judging her and not seeing her, they only see her hand.
  • Why is she attracting these manifestations?
  • What emotional reaction does she have when people look at her with shock and horror when they notice her hand?
  • Why does she feel ashamed about her accident?
  • How can she challenge people when they stare at her hand?
  • If she makes peace with how her hand looks, how will other people react to it?
  • The way her hand looks makes her feel ugly, when has she felt this way before?
  • What’s the reason she’s attracting the same type of manifestation now as she did when she was a 9 year-old child?
  • How can she find a way to feel more accepted and loved?
  • What can she do to release her feelings of being overwhelmed by an incident that involved her and her parents when she was a child?
  • What can this caller do to start liking who she is?
  • How can she hold her vibration when she thinks other people will react negatively to her hand?