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  • #193 Why Has He Lost The Motivation And The Passion To Work For Himself?

#193 Why Has He Lost The Motivation And The Passion To Work For Himself?


This caller started his own business working from home as an internet marketer.  So far the work he’s getting hasn’t been great, so he used meditation as a tool to help him raise his vibration about his business.  But instead of feeling better, he’s now lost all the motivation and passion he once had to work for himself.  Now he just feels blah blah about it.

What has created this dip in his energy?  If we meditate to get ourselves into a better feeling place, why do we loose the motivation to go after what we want?  How can he raise his vibration and feel passionate about working for himself again?

This call is for you, if you’re feeling quite blah blah about something you once had a great desire for and you what to regain the passion you’ve lost.


Topics covered on this call

  • This caller started meditating to raise his energy around working for himself.
  • Instead of feeling better he now feels demotivated and a lack of passion for his business.
  • Why has he lost his motivation when he really does want to work for himself?
  • Why does he feel like he’s just “floating” instead of moving towards what he wants?
  • What is the “void “and how long does it last?
  • How can doing things just for the money, affect our energy?
  • What is our real purpose for being here?
  • How do we attract what it is we’re passionate about?
  • What happens with our energy when we talk about something we enjoy doing?
  • Do we have to have a justification for wanting what we want?
  • When should we take action on an idea that comes to us?
  • What are precursors and what purpose do they serve?
  • What can he do when his doubts start to surface?
  • Should we dream big or stay humble when visualizing the reality we want?
  • How do we know when we’re no longer in the void?
  • Why is playing pretend a good idea in getting the reality we want?
  • Does it matter what topic we focus on to become a match to what we want?
  • Why do we always seem to want more and is it ok to want more?