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  • #195 How Can She Stop Attracting People Who Betray Her?

#195 How Can She Stop Attracting People Who Betray Her?


Eight years ago this caller was betrayed by her business partner and her now ex-husband.  She believes she’s still feeling the fallout from that betrayal because people around her are still lying to her; friends and clients alike.

She’s a self employed lawyer who’s struggling financially because her clients only partially pay her for her work or don’t pay at all.  She’s trying to stay positive about everything because getting angry about what’s happened isn’t something she’s comfortable with.  She’d love to express this emotion but getting angry just doesn’t feel right to her.

What belief is she holding onto that allows people into her reality that betray her?  Why won’t she get angry with them, and can she release her suppressed anger in a constructive and beneficial way?

This call is for you, if you have suppressed anger and you want to learn how to release it in a way that feels good to you, and without it harming anybody else.

Topics covered on this call

  • Eight years ago, this caller was betrayed by her business partner and her now ex-husband.
  • She’s a self employed lawyer and because clients withhold money she’s struggling financially.
  • She won’t get angry about what’s happened to her.  How is this suppressed anger serving her?
  • What’s the difference between a constructive anger release and a deconstructive anger release?
  • What are the three rules to a constructive anger release?
  • Is self blame, and taking responsibility for something, the same thing?
  • What is an effective boundary?
  • Why does she find it difficult to get angry at somebody who betrays her?
  • Should we take action when we feel powerless?
  • Can she benefit from the negative experiences she’s had?
  • What technique can she use that will help her clear her feelings of being betrayed?
  • How can she manifest a reality where she’s benefiting others as well as herself?
  • Why does the Universe give us negative experiences?
  • What justification does she need to say no to something?