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  • #196 Can She Manifest A Job She’ll Love That Doesn’t Require Lots Of Hard Work?

#196 Can She Manifest A Job She’ll Love That Doesn’t Require Lots Of Hard Work?


This caller hates her job, but, as she’s the main earner, she stays for the money.  She wants a job that she’ll love but doesn’t like the idea of working long hard hours because she values her freedom too much.

Her husband has his own business and she gets to join him at times (he’s a speaker), which she enjoys because watching how his audience responds to him, lights her up.  She’s considered the same career for herself, but seeing how hard her husband works, brings up fears about losing her freedom.

How can she line up her vibration with a job that she loves, has the right amount of hours so she can still have the freedom she craves, and how can she find a way to feel better about her current job?  Listen in to hear all the answers…

This call is for you, if you’re stuck in a job you hate, but you desperately want to find a job that ticks the right boxes for you.

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller is stuck in an industry that she doesn’t like, but she stays for the money.
  • She loves LOA and would enjoy a job involving LOA, provided she isn’t overloaded with work.
  • What’s the difference between taking a lot of action and working hard?
  • Do we have to suffer and work really hard to achieve the success we want?
  • Why hasn’t she found a job that feels good to her, yet?
  • Why does she get excited when she talks about her husband’s career?
  • How can she raise her energy to line up with what she wants?
  • Why do we hit a wall of resistance when we desire something?
  • If she hates her job so much, what’s stopping her from quitting?
  • When we are faced with a problem how do we line up with the solution?
  • What technique can we use that allows us to discover our limiting beliefs?
  • How can she stay in a good feeling place about her current job?