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#197 She Wants Her Voice To Be Heard Not Ignored


This caller feels that people don’t hear her when she speaks.  In a group discussion people have a tendency to either speak over her or to completely ignore her. She doesn’t believe she’s putting out a “stay away from me” vibration, so she’s really puzzled as to why this keeps happening.

If she’s open and respective to her work colleagues why are they choosing to ignore her? What vibration is she stuck in that is allowing this to happen, and how can she get herself heard when she’s part of a group discussion?

Listen in as I go through what’s causing this and also to the techniques I share that will make certain you are remembered for all the right reasons when you’re with a group of work colleagues.

This call is for you, if you feel you are being ignored, especially in the workplace, and you want to learn how to get your voice heard.

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller feels that when she’s at work people don’t hear her, or they choose to ignore her.
  • People talk over her or treat her as though she’s not in the room.
  • What emotion is she feeling when this happens to her?
  • Should she express how she feels in front of them?
  • Can she resolve this intellectually or is there a more effect way to resolve it?
  • What can she do, that will help her to raise her vibration in this situation?
  • How can she overcome her limiting beliefs when she’s with a group of people?
  • When does she feel most valued in her work environment?
  • What technique can she use that will help her to become more involved in a group discussion?
  • How can she continue to raise her energy when she feels she’s not being heard?