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#199 Can She Stop Her Recurring Negative Manifestations?


This client has been receiving several negative manifestations recently, from problems with her landlord to the bank closing her account, due to fraudulently withdrawals.  She wants to find a solution to all these issues, but nothing truly satisfying is presenting itself to her.

This call is all about using a technique that will take you back to a point when you first felt the negative emotion that is still with you today. The technique I use will help you to release that emotion allowing you to see the negative experience from your past with a new and more empowering perspective. This new perspective, if you continue to focus this way, will help you to create the manifestations that you really want into your now reality.

This call is for you if negative experiences are getting in the way of you receiving the reality you really want.

Topics covered on this call

    • This caller’s vibration fluctuates from high to low, particularly around other people.
    • How can we manage our energy with the people we meet up with?
    • She’s had many bad experiences recently and she doesn’t understand why this is happening to her.
    • Why can’t she find solutions to the negative manifestations she is experiencing?
    • What technique can we use to help us with experiences that trigger negative emotion?
    • How does this technique help us to create a feeling of being safe and loved in our now environment?
    • How will this technique help us to receive the manifestations that we truly want?
    • Why should she release her anger using a constructive anger release?