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  • #200 How Can She Release Energetic Blocks And Focus On What She Wants?

#200 How Can She Release Energetic Blocks And Focus On What She Wants?


This client took a year out to work with horses and in doing so she started to understand the power she has to create her own reality. She’s now back at home and at work but she’s finding it difficult to focus, thereby she’s not creating the reality she wants.

She’s not being very productive and she’s beating herself up for not doing more, but she just can’t seem to remove the energetic blocks that are stopping her.

This call is about what happens when we start to see life from a new and more empowering perspective and the challenges we face trying to integrate these new beliefs into our now reality.  It also explains why we become more sensitive about the unwanted stuff in our lives and how we can work with the doubts we’re holding onto about whether or not we really do have the power to create our own reality.

This call is for you if you understand that you are a powerful creator but integrating into your life is somewhat of a challenge right now.

Topics covered on this call

    • This caller believes she has an overall energetic block and she wants to understand why.
    • She took a year off work and worked with horses. She wants her own horse but can’t bring herself to buy one.
    • How can she stop being narrowly focused when she wants something to happen?
    • How can we make peace with ourselves when we’re not being as productive as we think we should be?
    • Why do we become more sensitive to unwanted situations once we start working on raising our energy?
    • What challenges can we face when looking at our reality from a new and more empowering perspective?
    • What’s the difference between something you want to do and something you think you should do?
    • Where does all our power lie when creating the reality we want?
    • How can we best work with the doubts we have about our ability to create our own reality?
    • How can we stabilize our energy around other people?
    • What are good questions to ask ourselves when thinking things might go wrong for us?
    • How can she be kinder to herself and not beat herself up for not moving forward in her life?