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  • #202 How Can She Overcome Her Fear of Causing an Accident When Driving?

#202 How Can She Overcome Her Fear of Causing an Accident When Driving?


This caller has a fear of driving a vehicle.  When driving, she worries that she might cause an accident. Having an understanding of LOA she believes she will manifest this accident, because that is what she’s focusing on.

While driving, if another driver shows how annoyed they are with her, she immediately thinks that she has done something wrong.  She also believes she should be more considerate about what they want, before she thinks about what she wants.

Believing that she’s the one in the wrong is a thought this caller has had many times in other areas of her life.

Listen in as we delve into what’s really behind this caller’s fear of driving and what technique can be used to help her release her fears, and also help her to release her belief that she’s the one who is always in the wrong.

This call also gave me an opportunity to talk about the misunderstanding around the Law of Attraction, and about how what we focus on grows.  I explain what is meant by “Representational Frequency”. Yay!

This call is for you if you want to release a belief about being the one who is always wrong, and if you what to understand what Representational Frequency means.

Topics covered on this call

    • This caller has issues with driving.  She believes she might cause an accident so she avoids driving as much as she can.
    • She has a fear about manifesting an accident because that’s what she is focusing on.
    • Will focusing on something specific create a manifestation?
    • What is the progression of a manifestation?
    • What is she really reacting to when she has a negative manifestation?
    • Can we control how other people feel?
    • When did this caller first believe she couldn’t do anything right?
    • How can she release these feelings of not being good enough?
    • Who can she get the reassurance from that she needs to feel good enough?
    • How can focusing on symbols help us to raise our vibration around our fears and our limiting beliefs?
    • What can we do to ease the fears we are still working through?