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  • #203 How Can She Coach Clients In Weight Loss If She’s Not At Her Ideal Weight Yet?

#203 How Can She Coach Clients In Weight Loss If She’s Not At Her Ideal Weight Yet?


This caller has a coaching practice helping clients to understand the relationship their bodies have with the food they eat. She wants her practice to be a huge success but her doubts creep in because she’s not yet reached her own ideal weight.  She’s concerned that clients won’t seek her out because she’s not, in her view, 100% perfect herself yet.

Can we coach people when we haven’t achieved perfection ourselves yet?  What does it mean to be 100% perfect, and is that really something we are striving for anyway?

This call is for you if you have a desire to help others but you don’t believe you can bring value to anybody unless you’ve achieved 100% perfection yourself.

Topics covered on this call

    • This caller has a coaching business but she’s struggling to market herself as she doesn’t think she has anything new to offer.
    • She wants to help people to improve their relationship with food.
    • She still has her own struggles with weight which contributes to her concerns about what she can offer clients.
    • What does her ideal weight look like to her?
    • Is it possible to be happy before our desire manifests into our reality?
    • How can we learn to enjoy the process of a manifestation?
    • How can we line up with the solutions to our problems?
    • What’s the difference between wanting something and needing something?
    • How do our brains protect us from the disappointment of not getting what we want?
    • Can our bodies take in energy in other ways besides food?
    • What value does she have that she can share with potential clients?
    • Is she responsible for the healing of her clients?
    • How can she coach people if she’s not a perfect example of what she’s coaching?
    • What can she do to ease the struggle she has with charging money for her services?
    • What is true gratitude?
    • Should we get specific when visualizing what we want?