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  • #204 Can She Remove The Blocks That Are Stopping Her From Manifesting The Reality She Wants?

#204 Can She Remove The Blocks That Are Stopping Her From Manifesting The Reality She Wants?


This caller wants to make big changes in her life, but right now there are too many blocks in her way.  She wants to start her own business but can’t until she gets qualifications that are recognized in her chosen industry, meaning that people will then seek her out.

She also wants to move locations and live with her partner but can’t do that either until she sells a house she bought with her ex-husband.  If only she could sort this stuff out, then and only then, can she move into the reality she wants.

What happens when we make prerequisites responsible for us getting what we want?  How can we line up our energy, get out of our own way, and remove the limiting beliefs we have about creating the reality we truly want?

This call is for you if you believe that certain things need to happen before the Universe can bring you the reality you want.

Topics covered on this call

    • This caller wants to make a lot of big changes in her life but she doesn’t believe she can make them happen.
    • She wants to start a business as a physical therapist but her qualifications aren’t recognized ones.
    • Is it true that only recognized qualifications make us successful?
    • She also has a house that she desperately needs to sell so that she can move locations.
    • How is she blocking her desires from manifesting?
    • What can she do to open up her energy and allow what she wants to come into her reality?
    • Do we have to focus on how a manifestation will come about before the Universe can deliver it?
    • How can we stop being anxious about not getting the stuff we want?
    • How can she become a match to the reality she wants to create?
    • Can we manifest in another person’s reality?
    • How can she stop giving all her power away to her ex-husband?