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  • #205 How Can She Create Financial Security For Herself?

#205 How Can She Create Financial Security For Herself?


This caller believes she doesn’t take any responsibility for herself, leaving her stuck in a cycle of self blame about how her reality is right now.  She hasn’t yet manifested the financial stability that she wants, making her feel unsafe, insecure and ashamed.  She believes that at her age, she should have achieved this by now.

She hates her current reality but by understanding the LOA she can get herself into a good feeling place. However, she doesn’t stay there long before her feelings of insecurity come flooding back in, which she knows is messing up her vibration.

How do  blaming ourselves vs taking responsibility for our actions differ? Why do we have the emotion of shame and can we replace it with a more empowering emotion? How can feeling good about our current unwanted reality allow us to manifest a reality that is awesome?

This call is for you if you’re giving yourself a hard time about where you are right now and you want to know how to manifest an amazing reality.

Topics covered on this call

    • This caller finds it difficult to take responsibility for herself.
    • She’s ashamed to say she’s still not financially independent.
    • Does she really have an issue with taking any responsibility for herself?
    • Are taking responsibly for yourself and self blame the same thing?
    • Why do we have the emotion of shame?
    • How can we manifest a reality where we have the safety and security we want?
    • What does she currently have in her reality that makes her feel safe?
    • Why does activating new frequencies feel uncomfortable?
    • Why do we have willpower and what is it really used for?
    • What happens when we focus on the good that’s already in our reality?
    • What message are we sending the Universe when we’re feeling good?
    • Is it ok to want more and to get more?
    • Why was she willing to hold onto a relationship that wasn’t working for her?
    • What are the minimum standards you should expect in a relationship?
    • What happens when we ignore the things that make us feel bad?
    • How can we learn to hear our intuition more?