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  • #206 How Can She Start to Live Her Life Again When She Still Misses Her Deceased Father?

#206 How Can She Start to Live Her Life Again When She Still Misses Her Deceased Father?


This caller’s children are all grown up now and she’s ready to start living her own life again.  She’s excited about a new project but she’s sabotaging it because  she is scared about where it’s going to take her.

During the call we learn that her father transitioned 14 years ago and she still misses the love and security he provided.  Nobody in her life has come close to making her feel as safe and secure as he did. She also feels a tremendous amount of guilt about not saying the things she wanted to say to him before he died – 14 years later this guilt is still with her.

Is there a connection between how scared she is to start living her own life again, and how much she misses the love and security her dad gave her? Is she right to feel guilty about things that were not said before he passed on, and can she find a way to feel better about his passing?

This call is for you if you are struggling with guilt after somebody you love has died. It’s also for you if you’re ready to create a new life, but are finding yourself sabotaging your own efforts.

Topics covered on this call

    • This caller is ready to start living her own life again but she’s scared about what it will bring about.
    • She’s excited about starting a new project but finds she sabotages herself before she gets going.
    • Is she really sabotaging her new project?
    • Why are some of our limiting beliefs difficult to shift?
    • How can we work on the beliefs that we struggle with the most?
    • 14 years ago her father transitioned and she still misses him because she lost the only person who has ever made her feel safe and secure.
    • Where does the feeling of security have to come from, for her to really feel empowered?
    • Does she have to feel guilty about what she didn’t get to say to her father before he died?
    • Why do we think we have to be strong when somebody passes?
    • What will happen if she feels her vulnerability around her father’s passing?
    • Should she embark on a relationship before she’s raised her vibration about her father?