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  • #209 She Wants A Relationship That Feels Like She’s Dating Her Best Friend

#209 She Wants A Relationship That Feels Like She’s Dating Her Best Friend


This caller wants to be in a relationship but she can’t stop thinking about the guys who’ve hurt her in the past.  One boyfriend in particular, only called her when he wasn’t spending time doing his own thing, which she readily accepted at the time.  Now she wants to break that cycle and find a guy who will treat her with the respect she deserves.

Why is she still holding onto the feeling that guys are going to treat her badly, and how can she work through her resistance? What can she do to move into a reality where she has the relationship she’s looking for?

This call is for you if you have a history of settling in relationships but you now want one that feels like you’re dating your best friend.

Topics covered on this call

  • She wants a relationship but she’s stuck in the past with guys who hurt her.
  • She’s trying to get into anger but she can’t seem to feel it.
  • Why is she struggling to feel the emotion of anger?
  • Does she need to heal the past before she can feel better now?
  • Why did she settle for the relationship she had with her ex?
  • When he ended the relationship did he really reject her?
  • How can she find a better perspective about being rejected?
  • If she focuses on relationships that feel good what will happen in her reality?
  • Do we have the power within us to choose what we want?
  • What does she want in a relationship?
  • How can she work with her resistance?
  • How can she stop settling?
  • Why are we motivated by dramas that show up in our reality?

Disclaimer: Apologies upfront as there’s a small section on this call that has some sound interference when I’m speaking, that I couldn’t remove.