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  • #210 Why Does He Feel Unfulfilled And Overwhelmed With His Life?

#210 Why Does He Feel Unfulfilled And Overwhelmed With His Life?


The caller has a busy life doing things he enjoys and yet he still feels unfulfilled. He’s spinning so many plates that at times he’s overwhelmed and out of balance.

He also insists on controlling the outcome of a situation, and will work all hours taking unwanted action to get the desired outcome.  He knows what he wants his reality to look like, but focusing on something that has not manifested yet is difficult for him.

If he already enjoys what he does why does he feel so overwhelmed? Will trying to control the outcome of a situation bring about the best results, and how can he start to focus and raise his vibration?

This call is for those of you who have a tendency to get overwhelmed and you’ll take unwanted action to try and control the outcome of a situation.

Topics covered on this call

  • He’s a start up CEO of a medical product company, he’s marketing a personal brand, and he is a musician.
  • He has a busy life but he still feels unfulfilled and overwhelmed.
  • How can he feel better rather than overwhelmed?
  • Does multi-tasking really work?
  • What do we do that stops us from being creative?
  • Why can things go wrong when we try to control the outcome?
  • What does having ADHD really mean?
  • If we can’t see a solution yet, does that mean it doesn’t exists?
  • What choices do we have when we need to solve a problem?
  • How can he learn to focus on what he wants when it’s not yet in his reality?
  • Should we listen to our intuition when its saying don’t do something, but our brain is saying do it?
  • How do we work with the stuff that triggers us?
  • What actions do we tend to take when we are in the shame or anger part of the spectrum?
  • What questions can we ask ourselves when something is causing us stress?
  • Can we defy our vibration and change what we are a match to?
  • What do we manifest when we consciously focus on what we want?
  • When we know our power would we purposely hurt another person?

Disclaimer: Apologies upfront as there’s a small section on this call that has some sound interference when I’m speaking, that I couldn’t remove.