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  • #212 She’s Focusing On What She Wants But It’s Not Manifesting Into Her Reality

#212 She’s Focusing On What She Wants But It’s Not Manifesting Into Her Reality


When this caller focuses on something she wants all that manifests is her resistance to it.  But when she doesn’t focus on what she wants, the Universe brings it into her reality. She’s confused as to why this happens and she wants to know how to change it.

How does the progression of a manifestation actually work?  Why does our resistance present itself when we start to focus on something we want?  What can we do to raise our vibration, release the resistance we have and receive the reality we want?

This call is for you, if what you want isn’t showing up and all you are receiving is resistance and unwanted manifestations.

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller tries to be happy every day, but getting into her happy place isn’t getting her what she wants.
  • When she focuses on what she wants, her manifestations don’t show up.
  • How does the progression of a manifestation happen?
  • How do negative manifestations happen when we focus on what we want?
  • Why do we feel shame?
  • Is it a good idea to compare our journey with other people?
  • What does money actually represent in energy terms?
  • How does our vibration match what we manifest?
  • Can we feel bad enough to change somebody else’s situation?
  • Where does the feeling of being superior come from?
  • Should we celebrate what we have even if we don’t feel that happy about it?
  • Why does she feel uncomfortable activating her good feeling place?
  • Can we manifest anything we want even if we don’t focus on something specific?
  • Do we make something manifest or do we allow something to manifest?

Disclaimer: Apologies upfront as there’s a small section on this call that has some sound interference when I’m speaking, that I couldn’t remove.