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  • #214 How Can He Ease His Suffering And Step Into The Energy Of Who He Really Is?

#214 How Can He Ease His Suffering And Step Into The Energy Of Who He Really Is?


This caller has many issues, one of them being, he’s a gay man born into an environment where this is not acceptable. He feels very lonely and although he wants his reality to be better, he feels powerless to change it.

He works on raising his vibration and at times he does so very successfully, but before long, his limiting beliefs show themselves again and he’s back to feeling powerless.

Why did this caller choose to be born a gay man, especially into a hostile environment? Why are his limiting beliefs manifesting into his reality and what can he do to stop his suffering during this uncomfortable time in his life?

This call is for you if your limiting beliefs are manifesting into your reality and you’re feeling anything but a powerful creator.

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller has many problems that he’s struggling to cope with.
  • In addition to having very little passion for his studies, he’s a gay man living in a country where that’s not acceptable.
  • Why did he choose to be born into an environment where being gay is not accepted?
  • What does it mean to have a big energy?
  • How can he begin to understand just how powerful he really is?
  • Why do we become more aware of our limiting beliefs when we start to raise our vibration?
  • How can we ease the suffering we feel when our limiting beliefs show themselves?
  • Why do we sometimes get sick when we raise our energy?
  • How long will it take for him to get what he wants?
  • Why are we inspired by people who have overcome hard times and aligned themselves with success?
  • Why is it beneficial to sit and observe what is happening around us?
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