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  • #219 Can She Have A Job She Loves That Will Also Bring In Lots Of Money?

#219 Can She Have A Job She Loves That Will Also Bring In Lots Of Money?


This caller works for herself but she’s stuck between enjoying what she does and not having enough money for the lifestyle she wants.

Although she loves working for herself, the work that she enjoys doesn’t pay enough, and the work that she dislikes, pays better. If she could perform work that she loves and also make money, her reality would be pretty awesome.

Can she have both and if she can (she can, we all can), why hasn’t the Universe brought it to her? Is her business the only way to attract the abundance that she wants? How can she attract the work she loves that will also pay her enough┬áto have the lifestyle that she wants?

This call is for you if the work that you do and the money that you’re attracting isn’t really giving you the reality that you truly want.

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller work for herself, but she’s not earning enough money or really enjoying all of the work that’s coming in.
  • She loves the lifestyle that working for herself gives her but she wants to earn more money doing more of what she loves.
  • Can she have the lifestyle she wants and do work that she enjoys?
  • Is her business the only way she can get money?
  • How is her current energy lining her up with some of what she wants?
  • Does being a healer mean you’re obligated to help other people?
  • Can we defy somebody else’s vibration?
  • What is money in energetic terms?
  • What is true gratitude?
  • Is getting money a reward for doing something good?
  • Does getting money mean the same for all people?
  • How can she line up her energy and attract the abundance she wants?
  • How does the Universe bring us the reality we want?
  • Why is she afraid to spend the money she already has?
  • How can she be sure she’s charging the right amount for her services?