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  • #220 She Wants To Stop The Panic Attacks That Are Controlling Her Life

#220 She Wants To Stop The Panic Attacks That Are Controlling Her Life


This caller wasn’t allowed to be who she really is around her family, and after years of abuse, she finally left the family home to live her own life. However, since leaving, instead of enjoying the freedom to be who she really is, she’s developed panic attacks and phobias that are controlling her life.

She can’t go where she wants to go and she can’t use public transportation, because of the panic that sets in. She’s now free of her abusive family, but instead of a sense of freedom, she’s become a prisoner of her own mind.

What caused these panic attacks and phobias to develop, since leaving her abusive family behind? Why would these fears show up now that she has the freedom to be who she really is? How can she face her fears and release them without having to relive the trauma?

This call is for you if you’re suffering with fears that are controlling you and you want to release them in a gentle, but empowering, way.

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller has phobias and suffers with hallucinations because of them.
  • She wakes up most morning’s panicking because of the hallucinations she’s suffered during the night.
  • What triggers her phobias?
  • Why can panic attacks hit us once we’ve moved out of a stressful situation?
  • Can we face our fears without being traumatized?
  • What childhood experience triggers her fears?
  • What questions will help her to move her energy into a better place?
  • How will using her imagination help her to tell a new and more empowering story?
  • How does this new story help her with her present day energy?
  • When is the best time to use this technique to help you to calm your energy?
  • How can she integrate this technique into her everyday reality?