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  • #221 Why Hasn’t She Manifested The Relationship She Truly Wants?

#221 Why Hasn’t She Manifested The Relationship She Truly Wants?


This caller has been divorced for 10 years and although she works on her energy and feels good about attracting an awesome relationship, she still hasn’t manifested it into her reality. The last guy she dated had almost everything she wanted, but he came with baggage that was, after a while, unacceptable to her.

She wants him to be her perfect guy, but without the baggage, so what can she do to attract a better version of him?

Why hasn’t she attracted the perfect relationship yet? Why does she want him and only him to be her perfect guy? And why did the Universe bring this guy into her reality if he only has some of what she wants, after she’s spent so much time getting into a good feeling place with her energy?

This call is for you, if you know what you want from a relationship but the only people showing up are ones who have just some of the qualities that you are looking for.

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller is not attracting the relationship she wants even though she’s focusing in a way that feels good to her.
  • A therapist gave her some advice about her lack of success in relationships which didn’t resonate, but should she just blindly follow this advice?
  • Why did she stay in her last relationship when there were elements present of what she didn’t want?
  • Why didn’t she attract the awesome relationship she wanted?
  • Can she have what she wants with this particular man from her last relationship?
  • What was the Universe showing her when this man came into her reality?
  • What does a perfect relationship look like to her?
  • How can we stop ourselves from settling for a relationship that isn’t awesome?
  • She wants to learn how to trust her intuition more but how does she do that?