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  • #222 How Can She Give Herself Permission To Shine And Be Who She Really Is?

#222 How Can She Give Herself Permission To Shine And Be Who She Really Is?


This caller is stressed and unhappy as there’s so many things that aren’t working out the way she wants them to. She’s had periods of unemployment that have left her in debt and she’d like to start a business helping people, but her resistance to just keeps getting in the way.

The only time she feels worthy and happy is when she is helping others and she’d like to start a business doing this, but, because she’s overweight, she believes people will judge her and not seek out her help.

Why is this caller stuck in her resistance and why isn’t she giving herself permission to shine? How can she follow her highest joy without being swallowed up by her fears?

This call is for you, if you’re stuck in your resistance and you’re not allowing yourself to shine and be who you really are.

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller has been unhappy and stressed for a while and she wants to know how to change this.
  • Why does resistance show up when we focus on something that we want?
  • Are we really only trying to fix a problem when we focus on what we want?
  • How can she connect herself with the energy of what she wants?
  • Why is she stuck in her resistance and not manifesting what she wants?
  • Why does she find it easy to get into a state of flow when she’s helping others?
  • What is she doing that’s creating an imbalance in her energy field?
  • How can she give herself permission to shine?
  • What does the Universe do that supports us getting what we want?
  • How can we follow our highest joy without bringing up our fears?
  • Do we have to tell the Universe what we want, for it to manifest?
  • How can she allow herself to feel more worthy?
  • How can she learn to accept herself just the way she is?
  • Why does another person’s opinion of us actually have nothing to do with us?
  • Is there a connection between physical illness and feelings of unworthiness?
  • Can we convince other people about the power of LOA, who are not interested in it?