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  • #225 How Can She Give Up Her Need To Control And Learn To Trust More?

#225 How Can She Give Up Her Need To Control And Learn To Trust More?


This caller has a pretty good vibration going on. She’s no longer motivated by pain, however, one thing that still gets to her, is thinking she has to control things.

For example, she won’t let other people drive because she’s concerned, that if she’s not driving, an accident will happen, which might result in her death, leaving her children without a mother. She is convinced something bad will happen unless she stays in full control. Usually, her mind comes up with the worst possible outcome for both herself and her children. Incidentally, she had an accident recently, while she was driving the car, so why did that happen?

When we’ve raised our vibration and we understand how LOA works, why do we still have a need to control certain outcomes? Why did the Universe send her a manifestation that brought up her trust issues and how can she learn to trust more?

This call is for you if you have control issues and you want to learn to trust the Universe.

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller has a good vibration but she still believes she has to have control of certain things.
  • The Universe has brought her an opportunity to stay at home with her daughter but also, with it, a gap in earnings.
  • Why is this happening when she’s not in a negative vibration?
  • Do we have to be motivated by pain before we can focus on what we want?
  • How is the Universe challenging her to trust that things will work out?
  • How can she let go of her limiting belief that she has to control everything?
  • Why does she worry that if she’s not in control it will have a detrimental outcome for her children?
  • Are her children more powerful than she thinks?
  • Can other people defy our vibration?
  • Why do our minds choose the worst feeling option?
  • Why is it easier to trust that things will work out when we raise our vibration?