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  • #226 She Works Really Hard But She’s Still Not Manifesting What She Wants

#226 She Works Really Hard But She’s Still Not Manifesting What She Wants


No matter how hard this caller works, (which is 7 days a week), she’s just not getting what she wants in her reality.  Money isn’t coming to her easily, no matter what she does. She has a to-do list where everything is urgent, urgent, urgent and she refuses to take time off, unless she is forced to do so because of illness.

If only things could be easy for her, if only she could manifest what she needs, then she would be a happy shiny puppy, instead of someone who complains about how hard things are for her.

Why does this caller work 7 days a week and have a to-do list where everything is super urgent? Why isn’t money coming to her when she’s working so hard? And will the Universe get the message, and change her reality to a better one, if she carries on bitching and complaining about it enough?

This call is for you if you’re working yourself into the ground, but neither money nor a better, easier reality is showing up. Oh, and on this call I tell you how to do an awesome LOA to-do list! You’re welcome.

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller cannot manifest what she wants as easily as she’d like to.
  • She works 7 days a week, but things still aren’t coming together, especially money.
  • What happens to us physically when we decide we have to work really hard?
  • Why isn’t money coming to her?
  • What’s the difference between needing and wanting?
  • Does bitching about our reality bring us what we want?
  • How do we change our current reality and attract the reality we really want?
  • How do we mess up our vibration when we’re focusing on what we want?
  • Can we learn to love ourselves more?
  • How to do a LOA to-do list!
  • How can she raise her vibration around attracting money?
  • What does the Universe need from us to bring us the reality we want?