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  • #231 How Can She Stop Being A Control Freak And Release Her Fears?

#231 How Can She Stop Being A Control Freak And Release Her Fears?


This caller is a self confessed control freak both in her professional and personal life. She has a tendency to analyze what’s going on around her which brings up her fears that she has to suffer to get what she wants. She believes that if she can control a situation, then she can ensure that everything will go the way it should. But is this true and is this how reality really works?

This call explains why we have a need to control things and it also explains about the fight or flight mechanism that our brains go to in times of stress. We explore how to give your fears a voice which will help you to line up your energy, stop the need to be a control freak and get you on your way to creating the reality you truly want.

If you want to let go of the need to control and also release your fears then this call is for you.

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller is a self confessed control freak, who also believes she should suffer in her professional life.
  • She is terrified to date because the Universe hasn’t yet delivered her the perfect guy she’s looking for.
  • Are her professional and relationship fears connected?
  • Why do we only look for pain minimization instead of the better feeling option?
  • Why do our fears get activated when we think about what we want?
  • Why do we feel that we need to control everything?
  • What is the purpose of the fight or flight mechanism?
  • How does our brain actually work?
  • Does our past matter when we want to create a now reality?
  • How can we use a person we love to stop us from abusing ourselves?
  • How can she give her fears a voice?
  • Do we need our family’s permission to create the reality we want?
  • How can she line up her energy and find someone she’d like to date?