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  • #234 How Can She Step Into Her Power And Stand Up To Her Bullying Ex?

#234 How Can She Step Into Her Power And Stand Up To Her Bullying Ex?


This caller currently has a custody case with her ex going on and he’s making life as difficult as he can for her. She believes that her ex neglects their son when he visits and doesn’t want her son having overnight visits with his dad. Although she’s quite a fiery person she has not been able to stand up to her ex. She believes she’s doing the right thing by staying as calm as she can with him.

Is she really doing the right thing by not getting angry with her ex? Is not getting angry  detrimental to her own well being, and if she finds a way to release her anger constructively, will this help her to get the outcome that she wants?

This call is for you, if releasing anger is difficult for you but you want to release it in a way that has huge benefits for you.

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller is in the middle of a custody case with her ex and he is refusing to cooperate with her.
  • He has done everything that he can to make things horrible, including telling the court she kidnapped their son.
  • She’s a fiery person so why is she allowing her ex to treat her so badly?
  • Is it a good idea to sensor how angry we feel?
  • What happens to a bully when we come at them with real power?
  • What is this unwanted manifestation with her ex showing her?
  • How can she constructively release her anger about him?
  • Are we actually harming anyone when we fantasize about hurting them during an anger release?
  • Can what you want change after an anger release?
  • How can we tell what is going on with our vibration?
  • How can she line up her energy and focus on what she wants?
  • Do children need to have access to both parents to be happy?
  • How is the Universe challenging her to step up?