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  • #235 She Wants To Learn How To Enforce Her Boundaries With Her Mom & Boyfriend

#235 She Wants To Learn How To Enforce Her Boundaries With Her Mom & Boyfriend


This caller is struggling to enforce boundaries with her mom and boyfriend. When she tells them what she wants, they both try to control what she should do and how she should feel. She ends up giving in to them to avoid any upset which makes her feel like she’s being treated more like a child than the adult that she is. This is especially true with her mom.

Is it really difficult to set boundaries with other people even when we’ve spent years letting them walk over us? How does setting a good boundary feel and how can you enforce it when somebody else is trying to manipulate you into not setting it?

This call is for you if you’re fed up with being walked all over and you want to know how to set a boundary that you’re comfortable enforcing.

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller recently had two experiences that made her feel her manifestations are unfair.
  • She also has an overprotective mom who treats her more like a child than an adult.
  • She was told by her boyfriend that she doesn’t have a reason to be upset, but is this true?
  • Why do we believe we should behave the way others want us to?
  • Why does she still allow her mom to step over her boundaries?
  • How can she set boundaries that are comfortable for her?
  • Why do people try to manipulate us when we set boundaries with them?
  • What happens when we don’t set and enforce boundaries with people?
  • What’s the difference between a boundary and controlling other people?
  • What is a cattle prod moment?
  • What is the Universe telling her with the manifestations she’s getting?
  • Are we responsible for how somebody else feels?
  • How can we practice self love and avoid being manipulated?
  • Can having an anger release help us to set boundaries?