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#237 How Can She Listen To Her Body?


This caller has created a new reality.  She originally wanted coaching to wean out any resistance she might still have that could sabotage this new reality. During the call it became clear that her limiting beliefs were manifesting into physical pain which we needed to address.

She loves exercising, but recently she has been experiencing chest pains and dizziness, which prevents her from doing the activities she wants to do, especially dancing. When she exercises she feels like her body is more in alignment with who she really is, so not exercising is affecting her vibration and energy.

What is the underlying belief that is causing her body to create pain? What is her body trying to tell her, and how can she find a way to exercise again and flow her energy back towards what she wants?

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller is moving into a new reality but she’s concerned if she doesn’t release resistance now, it won’t work out for her.
  • Is the point of self help to have fun or to release resistance?
  • How do we create and receive our reality?
  • What is the path of least resistance?
  • What does our vibration mirror back to us when we interact with others?
  • Is our body breaking down if doctors find we have a health problem?
  • Why do we feel discomfort when we focus on changing our reality?
  • What value is there for us when we are in a painful situation?
  • How can she learn to have a better relationship with her body?
  • What is her body trying to tell her?
  • How can she start to let go of her control issues and have fun?
  • How can she flow her energy towards what she wants?