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  • #238 How Can She Stop Taking The Medication She’s Addicted To?

#238 How Can She Stop Taking The Medication She’s Addicted To?


This caller is addicted to prescription medicine, not for the high, but because she feels closer to who she really is when she takes it.  Although she feels better with it, she’s ashamed to admit that she relies on it, because without it she struggles to maintain her passion for life.

Is it wrong to have an addiction? Being where she is right now, is that the path she should be on? How is her addiction serving her and what can she do to be kinder to herself, while still finding a way to release her need for it?

This call is for you if you have an addiction (whether that’s medication, gambling, whatever) and you want to find a way to release it without first having to beat up on yourself.

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller has an addiction and she’s struggling to release her need for it.
  • Her addiction isn’t about getting high; it’s about helping her to be a better person.
  • She gets bored easily and the medication helps her to feel more herself, but she hates that she needs it.
  • What can she do for 30 days that will help her with her addiction?
  • Why beating yourself up when you have an addiction doesn’t help at all.
  • What limiting belief keeps her stuck on the medication?
  • What technique can you use that will help you to feel more worthy?
  • Why does our brain react with a flight or fight response in times of stress?
  • Is there a payoff when we allow ourselves to suffer emotionally?
  • Do we need to work really hard to get what we want?
  • How can she start to validate herself more?
  • How do you know when you are on the right path?
  • Is feeling discomfort and suffering the same thing?
  • Can we really get things wrong and be on a wrong path?