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  • #239 Is Her Unstable Vibration Causing Her Weight Gain And Financial Issues?

#239 Is Her Unstable Vibration Causing Her Weight Gain And Financial Issues?


This caller has gained weight over the last few years. During this time she started a business that hasn’t given her the financial freedom she was hoping for. The first year she owed $30,000 in taxes and last year her accountant said she would get $20,000 back but she only got $2,000 back. It all just seems so unfair to her. She is a good person so why is this happening?

Is the stress she’s feeling about her business and finances connected to her weight gain? Is her vibration having an effect on the manifestations she’s receiving, and does being a good person mean you are automatically going to manifest good things regardless of your vibration?

This call is for anyone who wants to understand how and why our vibration has an effect on our bodies and weight gain.

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller wants to lose weight, not to be ultra skinny but to feel good in her own skin.
  • She thinks about her weight a lot and she avoids meeting people because of it.
  • What stress and fears did she have when she started gaining weight?
  • Are calories a part of the equation when gaining or losing weight?
  • What manifestations do we attract when our vibration is unstable?
  • Why should we look at the core reason for weight gain rather than the effect of it?
  • What’s the value in acknowledging good manifestations that have already happened?
  • How can she release her resistance around her business and finances?
  • How can she line up her energy and get what she wants?
  • Do all of us deserve to manifest a great reality?
  • What questions can we ask ourselves when focusing on what we want?
  • How does the Universe support our vibration?