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#240 How Can He Overcome His Insomnia?


This caller has suffered several health issues over the years but more recently anxiety and insomnia. He feels anxious about the external factors around him which he believes are causing his insomnia, but is this true? Could his insomnia actually be a helpful manifestation that is trying to help him overcome the anxiety that is lying underneath? If we go back to when he first suffered from anxiety, will this help him to overcome his insomnia?

Listen in as I take this caller back to where his anxiety started, and listen to how we release it so that his present health issues can be resolved.

This call is for you if you have anxiety or insomnia and you’ve tried to get better the conventional way, but now you’re ready to try something different.

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller has health issues including anxiety and insomnia which are getting worse.
  • He can’t sleep because he is trying to control the external factors around him.
  • What is causing his anxiety around sleeping?
  • Can we defy our vibration when trying to manifest what we want?
  • Is sleep deprivation a helpful manifestation?
  • What triggers his fear of losing control?
  • What is a higher logic and how is it connected to our emotions?
  • How can he go back to his younger self and release his adult fears?
  • Why can finding out who we really are be scary?
  • What is the difference between real and fake power?